InspirationDefine Intention and Begin Somewhere is the First Step Toward a Goal

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“Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.”

– Liz Smith

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Define Intention and Get Started!

Starting is hard. It requires getting out of a comfort zone.  And it probably feels overwhelming, something new, something different and probably even something hard. But if you define intention, and express the intention out loud, you have started.  You just need to follow through. Be the person you intend to be by working towards the goal.

Think about people in your life.  How many say they want to write a book, or run a marathon, or go on a European trip, and never do? We all have someone in our lives who is like this, if not a couple.  They just keep repeating their defined intention, but never actually get started.  Their reputation is not as a novelist, a marathon runner or a world traveler, it is either the boy who cried wolf, the dreamer or the “never gonna do it person.”

Don’t be that person. If you define intention to achieve something (like your 2020 goals), you have to start. You have to hold yourself accountable or find a partner who will hold you accountable. Make your dreams come true. Begin somewhere. Stumble.  Pick yourself up and keep going. Finally, enjoy the journey.

Plus, the bonus comes when people also defining their intention and achieving goals seek you out.  Finding yourself surrounded by high-achieving people brings inspiration in itself. Holding you to a higher accountability level as well. An amazing place to find yourself. A proud moment for anyone.

Now, stop reading and start achieving!

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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