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End of Rope - Hang On

End of Rope - Here is What to do Next

A lot of us have hit the end of the rope.  We have to go back in time, when things were always changing in a new country with a brand new government, to learn how to deal with today’s problems – simply “hang on” from the great Thomas Jefferson.

In some ways, seems simple, but we all know it isn’t.  Most of us were scaling a mountain to our 2020 goals, only to find out someone shorted our rope.  I know I came to the end of the rope way too soon. Part of me wants to crawl up into a ball, head to bed and have someone wake me up when it is all over.

But I can’t. You can’t.  You know why? It does NOT solve anything. We have to keep going.  And most of the time I would say change the plan, not the goal, but this is one of those unique circumstances that it is perfectly acceptable to throw out goals and start over.  But that is the point: Start over.  Don’t give up. Start again.

And it is perfectly okay to change a goal you had financially to something as simple as: Pay my mortgage, put food on the table and pay my bills.  That is a goal in today’s world, and it will take work to do it for some.

Please, tie a knot and hang in there. Know I’m just a few feet away also at the end of the rope doing the same thing.  If you need to, start over with your 2020 goals with my worksheet.  Just hang in there.

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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