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“Exercise is amazing, from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.”

– Vanessa Hudgens

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Feeling Better After a Workout

While there are certainly those days that I feel that I am dragging myself to the gym or out the door for a walk or a bike ride, I try to focus on how I will feel when I’m done exercising.  No matter what, no matter how bad I feel or how tired I am, I feel amazing after a good workout.  Basically, exercise gives you energy.

For such a long time I would argue with myself and try to convince myself I was too tired for a workout. That I had a big day and I should get more sleep versus the early morning workout.  And most of the time it worked. Until one day I found that I really couldn’t sleep, my mind was racing.  And rather than spend the hour in bed being frustrated not sleeping, I got up for a swim.  I think I was yawning as I was swimming, but I finished my normal workout.

Later in the day I had an important meeting, and I was sure the combination of lack of sleep and working out would have me downing coffee by the gallons to make it through. But instead, I was alert, present and killing it.  Of course, it was only one data point so I didn’t put much stake into it. However, as I paid attention to my mood after workouts, I found that I was alert, happy and productive. So now I am a firm believer that exercise gives you energy.  I mean, if it can get me through a 2 p.m. Friday sales pitch, it has some magical powers!

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