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2020 Goal Setting Worksheet

We all have goals.  Really, we do. You may not say them out loud, or even silently to yourself. However, when you see it, you know it.  But rather than just waiting around for it to happen, you have to make a plan to achieve it.  Despite how it may look, things don’t magically happen to other people and not to you.  They plan and execute the plan.  My goal setting worksheet is here to help you along.

But a plan is only good if it is executed on.  For example, one of my biggest limits is a love of planning, and getting stuck in that mode, and not executing as well. I can plan all day, every day.  However, I had learn to plan quickly and efficiently (while being reflective and realistic) and put the plan down and start executing.

Therefore, to help me along on this journey of efficient planning and more executing, I created a goal setting worksheet.  Also, my love of planning is why my goal setting worksheet is also a calendar for the 2020 year by quarter to help you plan out your execution.

Review, Reflect, Brainstorm, Define, Plan

My 2020 goal setting worksheet consists of 5 simple steps:

  • 2019 Review
  • Reflect
  • Brainstorm
  • Define
  • Break Down/Plan

Page 1 – reflect on 2019. Write down any goals you achieved, any you didn’t, and any comments or notes.   Next, we start 2020. First, reflect and define your passions, purpose and why.  Move onto page 2 and answer the question what do you need to Start, Stop and Continue.

Now write any longer term goals you want to achieve. This is an important step as we are focused on 2020 goals, but some of those goals may be a smaller goal of a larger, bigger goal.  For example, if you want to own a house in 5 years, in 2020 you may want to have a goal for the amount you need to save for a down payment.

Next, page 3 is free space to do some mind-mapping or other brainstorming you need to do.  Page 4, here is where you start with all your ideas and gut check them – if you can’t answer yes to the questions, you should reconsider the goal.   From this whittled list, enter the goals into the categories on page 5.

Most importantly, on page 6 this is your 5-10 goals you are going to focus on, with completion dates. In other words, you have goals but no plan yet.

Now the real fun begins, we break down each goal, and all the tasks that must be done in order to achieve the goal starting on page 6.  For instance, for my 2020 reading list, I want to read a book every month. I could have said I want to read more, but I make SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.  Breaking down this is easy: 1. Identify 12 books, 2. Decide reading order, 3. Determine length of each of book and pages to be read per day (do this for every book/month) with completion date at the end of the month. Do this break down for each goal.

After that you have your goals, the tasks and the completion date, now it is time to put it in task completion order under each quarter.  This way you have both your goal and tasks, but also a quarter view.  Start this on page 17-24.

Finally, on page 25, this is your official signature and goal list you are committing too. In conclusion, I suggest you print and sign and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday!

Multiple Formats Available

I am offering this download free and in may different formats.  Choose your preferred format below:

Enjoy, and have fun with the process. Don’t rush it. Take your time, really put thought into it. Enjoy the journey.  And don’t forget to give feedback and let me know if the 2020 goal setting worksheet helped you.

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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