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My Healthy Morning Routine: Not Slowing Down Even With a Pandemic

I have talked about my healthy morning routine in the past. I realized today I’ve been doing this morning routine for just over a year.  And I will be the first to admit, not every morning is perfect, it is pretty close. I will get up as early as needed to get my routine done. Even if that means a 3 or a 4 am wake-up these days.  That is how much I’ve come to rely on the routine setting me up to face the day in a positive and productive way.

And, if I have ever needed help to feel positive and productive, it is now in the midst of a pandemic that has most of us stuck in the house and away from our usual human contact, which I thrive from.

Why A Healthy Morning Routine is Important

Consider a typical morning routine.  Wake up you probably do most if not all of these in some particular order every morning:

  • Shower
  • Get dressed
  • Breakfast and/or coffee
  • Get kids ready, let the dog out
  • Out the door to commute

Sure, a shower is probably refreshing, and some breakfast or a cup of coffee may taste good, but are you really enjoying these?  Or are you just going through the motions?

And when I say enjoy, consider a cup of coffee. Do sit and relax when you drink it? Does that first sip excite you, make you perk up and look forward to the day? Do you drink it slowly, enjoying every single sip?

Or, is it grab it and drink it as you are getting dressed, getting the kids fed, or as you are running out of the house, hoping the caffeine kicks in soon?

What if I told you I get up hours earlier so I can have my cup of matcha tea , and enjoy every single sip of it, from the first one that I am so grateful for every morning.  And as much as I’m sure I would enjoy a couple of extra hours of sleep, my appreciation for that matcha tea and the rest of my routine is so strong, I can forgo the sleep.

And without my matcha tea, I would struggle to be as positive throughout the day.  Not that I couldn’t, but I would have to put more effort into. As that first sip brings a smile to my face that I don’t usually let go of throughout the day.

That is the point of a healthy morning routine, to find something that puts a smile on your face.  This will be different for everyone, for me it is matcha tea.  If I happen to run out of matcha tea, a good cup of green or black tea will do as well.

Elements of a Healthy Morning Routine

Here are a few things I have found work for me in my healthy morning routine:

1. Find Something You Can’t Wait to Do

For me this is a cup of matcha tea with a teaspoon of honey.  I only drink matcha tea in the morning as it does have a high dose of caffeine that I avoid later in the day. That first sip is incredible for me.

Whatever this is for you, make sure it is something you can do somewhat quickly. Something without much set up and is something you can do on those super busy mornings.  I actually set up the time on my electric kettle and measure the tea before I go to bed.  Usually, I just wake up, take the dogs out, and pour and enjoy my matcha tea. It is an eight ounce bowl, and not super hot so I can take the sip as soon as I pour it. I can finish it in just a couple of minutes, with time to enjoy each sip.

While matcha tea has become the thing for me, other things I’ve done and had success with is writing, reading and working on a craft project.  All of these were great and I enjoyed them, I have gone time and time again to matcha tea, so that is what I stick with now.

The nice thing is that my matcha tea is also portable, so I can stick with my routine while on vacation and such.

2. Drink Something Healthy

My matcha tea also accomplishes this as it is filled with antioxidants. I will also have a large glass of water. And sometimes green tea a little later in the morning as well. On somedays I will also do a healthy smoothie.  It is a good metabolism kickstarter and helps you wake up as well.

Sorry, coffee does not count.  You can still drink coffee, but try to get something else healthy in. Again, a glass of water will do it.

3. Exercise or Stretch

In other words, move.  If you can fit in a full exercise program, great. If not, move in some way.  Some light yoga, stretch, a quick walk, a couple of squats, something. Again, this is a great way to kick start your body and mind for the day, your metabolism, and give you more energy.

4. Journal, Write, Read

In other words, work with words.  All through college and graduate school, fellow students and my professors were always talking about writing first thing in the morning, getting the creative juices flowing.  Actually, even with my new morning routine, I still struggle with being creative in the morning.  No matter the type of writing, I’m not very good at in the morning

I do journal every morning. I also have a journal that asks a series of questions (different ones) every day that I take time to answer.  Usually my own personal journaling and the questions focus on the positive. If I am feeling somewhat negative, I will write that in a sentence or two in my journal, almost as if to purge it from my mind, and move on from it.

On occasion I will read in the morning, mostly on the train during my commute.  I try to read almost every day but tend to do it more in the evening. For me, it is a great way for me to relax. And in the morning I’m trying to gear up for the day.

5. Eat Healthy

You can probably see a theme in this healthy morning routine, and that is to be healthy.  A healthy morning routine is about getting your mind and body ready for an awesome day.  And you can’t do that when you have a belly full of donuts or something else high in sugar.

For me, it can be a smoothie, a power bowl, high protein eggs and bacon (I keep the serving size down), homemade yogurt with fruit and homemade granola (my favorite) or if I’m on the go, I tend to pick up oatmeal on my way to the office.

A healthy breakfast helps to wake you up, keep you alert and is another great kick start for your metabolism.  I used to be one that would always skip breakfast. Now, I can’t.  I am starving by 8 a.m.  And no one should or wants to deal with me when I’m starving.

6. Wake Up Before the Household

I will be completely honest with you and tell you if you want to enjoy your mornings, you may have to wake up before your household. This may depend on how old your children are or how much involvement you are needed in getting them or your spouse/partner ready.

I luck out here with no children.  I do have dogs and they are usually pretty easy in the morning. In fact, one part of my routine is “doggie snuggles”. The dogs, particularly our rescue dog, Petunia, is extremely alert and happy in the morning. So, I usually spend a couple of minutes on the floor with them, getting kisses and petting bellies.  Then it is out the door and back in for breakfast.  After that, they are happy to just be next to me for the rest of the morning.

7. Exercise Your Mind

Just as you need to move and get your body moving, the same goes for your mind.  I personally do this in a couple of ways:

  • Recite 5 positive affirmations
  • Chant a mantra
  • Meditation

I do all three. My positive affirmations change over time. Right now I am focusing on building my self-esteem. Therefore, my affirmations are things like “I’m a great person,” “I am happy with my progress towards goals right now,” and the like.  My mantra is focused on joy and abundance and I use a mala for a Japa meditation.  I have use the mala to help me count but also I tend to fidget so it allows me to keep my hands busy as well.

8. Enjoy the Morning

The last thing I try to do is just to enjoy the quiet of the morning. Not many people out and about.  Whether that is just sitting on my patio to do any of my healthy morning routine, heading over to the park or local forest preserve for a walk or bike ride for my morning exercise, I just trying to enjoy the morning sounds.  Birds. Leaves. Breeze. Just the peace.

Refining My Routine

My healthy morning routine is designed to make me feel grateful, positive and productive. What works for me specifically (like drinking matcha tea) may not for you. But some of the concepts, if you find the specifics within those, may work.  When I first started my routine, I tried things for about a week or two, and if they weren’t feeling right, or not brining me joy, I tried something else.  It probably took six months before I found the routine that worked for me.

And that doesn’t mean it will work forever.  I’m feeling a little more stress with the pandemic these days.  Which has made me even more diligent about the routine.  On occasion, I may have put a task like meditation off until later in the morning or in the afternoon. Since I don’t have a commute these days, I am more committed to get the whole routine done before I look at email or sit down to work. But I’m also feeling like I need a little more to the routine, just to get me through this uncertain time.  So, I’m going back to the book that was part of my inspiration: The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM).

Now Get Started

While we are all trying to adjust to this new normal, I invite you…actually, I challenge you to create a morning routine that has you jumping out of bed to do.

Now, go get started!

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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  • Justin

    April 2, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    Hey there 🙂

    Your blog is great!

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!


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