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Options for When You Hate Exercise

When I started this amazing journey over a year ago, which included weight loss, there was one big thing I had to get over: I HATE exercise.  Hate it, like feverishly hate it.  One of the worst exercises for me is running.  Not only because of bad knees due to childhood rheumatoid arthritis and a couple of knee surgeries, but also because it was used as punishment in gym class and in my athletic years (grade and high school).

In fact, someone needs to buy me these shirts:

Start Simple with Walking

Start Simple with Walking

It may be limited, but you could already be doing a form of exercise every day: Walking.  And that is what I started with.  First, it was walking the one mile in downtown Chicago to attend meetings. Next it was a mile walk in the morning before work.  And I kept increasing the length and speed and decreasing time.

My first one-mile walk was at a 24-minute pace. Uugh. Now, I can do a mile in 16 minutes.  I continue my walks in downtown Chicago to get around, as long as the weather is not too miserable. I don’t walk as much now, as I have evolved into harder and higher calorie burn exercises, but for the first two months, this was a go-to for me.

Exercise I Love and My Body Loves: Swimming

This may not be for everyone, but after walking got easier, I decided to take it up a notch.  Swimming is something I have always loved.  Who doesn’t love being in the water? Okay, some people may not. However, this is a great calorie burn, it is easy on the joints and it is a full-body exercise.  It really crushes it on the calorie count. And you don’t sweat! The water keeps you cool.

A mid-step between walking and swimming could be walking in the pool.  It offers resistance, but also the weightlessness makes it easier on the joints. You will be slower than being on the ground, but it is more of a workout without the potential strain or pain.  My mom walks in the pool since her knee replacements.

Swimming Exercise

HIIT: For When You Already Hate Exercise

Some of you might get into this, I struggled, but I did anyway.  High-Intense Interval Training, better knowns as HIIT. And I went with the BodyBoss after reading many reviews online. This kicked my butt!  Like really kicked my butt.  I thought I might die the first day in the “pre-training.”

HIIT is a training in which you give all of your effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

BodyBoss is distributed with 2 days of circuits, one focused on legs and booty, the other on arms, abs and core. Basically, 6 exercises done in 7-8 minutes, with 3 minutes of rest in between each circuit, repeated 3 times. The circuits have a recovery day in between.  And recovery doesn’t mean sit on your butt. It just means move, but not at HIIT level. Yoga, jog or a bike ride for instance. Fourth day is cardio day. Fifth day is a power-up, where you do a series of 4 exercises as many times as you can in 6 minutes, repeated twice with 3 minute rest in between.

But You Said You Hated HIIT

Yep I will admit I hated every minute of it.  I was a sweaty, heavy-breathing mess every time. It never got easier. It isn’t supposed to.  But it worked.  And I did see results quickly, so I stuck with it. All 16 weeks, including the 4 week pre-training.  I could do it all at home with little equipment.  So, while I hate exercise, I didn’t hate HIIT anymore than other things, and it was working so I stuck with it.

Sometimes what we hate to do is exactly what we need to do.  Now, I still put my foot down on Brussels sprouts!  But with HIIT whenever I feel I’m on a plateau, I pick it back up for a couple of weeks and it gets me out of the slump.

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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