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“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

– Thomas Dekker

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Sleep Is Vital to Health and Who Doesn't Like Sleep?

Sleep.  It is one of those things we love one moment and hate the next.  We love when we can actually get some, when it is a good sleep. And we hate it when we don’t seem to get enough, or when it isn’t very restful. And I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone, sleep is vital for your health.

I started using an app called Sleep Cycle.  It was a recommendation from a journal I was using to help me with my new morning routine and getting up early.  I use the “wake up easy” option which monitors your sleep for a half hour prior to your end wake up time and if it senses you are in light sleep, will sound the alarm.  Waking up while in light sleep “feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock.”

And if it doesn’t detect you in a light sleep cycle, it will wake you up by the time you set.  The first thing people usually ask me when I describe this is “but what if it you wakes you up a half hour early?” Yes, that is a downfall, if you continue to think that losing that half hour would be bad, but once you experience the light sleep cycle wake up, you will not miss that half hour.

In addition, it will give you data on your sleep that is amazing to see.  I won’t get in to all the details, but it will give you data and you can make lifestyle changes as needed. Because at the end of the day, sleep is vital for your health.  Regularly investing in your sleep, duration and restfulness, helps your body rejuvenate itself.  It can help boost your metabolism and ultimately influence weight loss.  It helps you fight off colds and things like flu.  And, it also boosts your emotional health.  Face it, we can get a little crabby when we don’t have a lot of sleep, or restful sleep.

So what are you doing to get more or better sleep? What can you change in your life to achieve better sleep habits?

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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