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“Talk to yourself
like you would to someone you love.”

– Karolina Kurkova

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Positive Self Talk

This has always been hard for me, positive self talk.  As a friend of mine, if you came to me and told me how you failed at something, I would encourage you in every way I knew how, tell you to stop beating yourself up, that you are a much better person than you were giving yourself credit for, etc.

But if I had the same issue, I would never cut myself any type of slack.  My mind attacked, I put myself down, which was all meant to motivate me to do better.  And it did, in a way.  Just as a dog may stop having accidents in the house so it doesn’t have their nose rubbed in it again. However it doesn’t feel good getting things done just to avoid a punishment.

However, a much healthier and shorter path to success exists with positive reinforcement.  This includes positive self talk. A dog receiving a treat for going outside is much happier than the dog going outside to simply avoid a punishment.  Just like I’m a much happier person achieving a goal that I encouraged myself to do, learned from any mistakes, errors or failures along the way versus getting it done to simply avoid feeling bad about myself.

Actually, it really wasn’t until I did an exercise of writing a letter to myself for a recent failure and then writing a letter to a friend imagining they had experienced the same failure. Wow! I was a jerk to myself.  Here I learned the lesson of positive self talk.  I needed to talk to myself the same way I would to a friend.  Beating myself up resulted in things completed, but deteriorating my self-esteem, confidence and soul in the meantime.

Jen Davis - Life Coach

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